But first, let me take a selfie

The irony that I missed yesterday’s word – progress – is not lost on me but today I can make up for it. Today’s word is sefie in the #yarnlovechallenge. Ever since I discovered Snapchat I take many selfies. It’s just so much fun with filters and everything. Therefore it wasn’t hard to find a selfie for the challenge. Second, I found this picture fitting since the only person who will ever have the power of peer pressure over me has introduced me to the world of lipstick lately and I love it. I experiment, I try different things, I mix, it’s so much fun. Also, just because I can’t knit much, hence the lack of progress, it doesn’t mean that I can’t wear knits that I’ve made before. Here I’m sporting my hat from last year and my shawl from a few years ago. Both are excellent for cold weather and it is winter after all. So, this selfie was a combination of many things and I’m quite happy to be able to show it on this particular theme.

(By the way, that’s totally not my make-up but that’s what filters are for.)