Travel projects

It’s February 11 (despite me thinking it was the 10th this morning when I booked the laundry room, that was a surprise this evening, let me tell you) and the word is travel projects in the #yarnlovechallenge. These were my to-go projects today, some lovely yarn and some books for my bachelor thesis. I didn’t have time to knit but I did study quite a lot.

Other than that I obviously bring my knitting on my travels. When I fly somewhere I try to have wooden needles and a cable that I can detach just in case. I have had metal needles on a plane as well but just in case someone doesn’t like the look of my cable needles I try to at least have wooden ones since I imagine they might be less offensive than metallic ones. The last time I flew there was a lady on the plane who came up to me and asked me if they had let me through security with my knitting needles. Well, since I was on the plane knitting the answer was quite obvious which made the question a bit weird. But in case someone is confused, yes, they did let me through security with my knitting needles, otherwise I wouldn’t knit on the plane.