Sales stategy

When I worked in a store we were told to commend the customer on their choice of purchase. Like if someone had picked out a table cloth, we were supposed to mention how pretty that table cloth was, to make the customer even happier with their choice. Even though I know this is a tactic from service staff it nevertheless works. I get very happy every time someone compliment me on my choices at the counter in a store, even though I know it’s a sales trick. I once bought Julle  sweater and the two guys behind the counter said the sweater was awesome and that they had a little fight about who should be the one to get it. I bought the sweater and was very happy with it (unfortunately Julle was not at that counter and is not as happy as me with that sweater so I guess I should just use it myself).

When I picked out the yarn for my December MKAL at my local yarn store, I had a hard time deciding on the colors. I went back and forth and tried to be smart, considering my wardrobe and the season and everything. I finally picked out two colors that I thought matched well enough. I got the yarn up to the counter and the staff all praised my color choices. If I wasn’t sure about the yarn before, I sure was after that. Now, as my project unfolds, I get happier and happier with it. There aren’t many rows left but they are long so I might not finish before New Year’s. That’s okay though, I mean, the colors will look good next week too.