I’m surprised myself

wpid-dsc_8908.jpg Despite this fall being the busiest ever, I was actually able to go on with my plan, to have everything in order before Christmas and to sit and drink whiskey on December 23, knitting for myself. Earlier this week I thought “good enough” as I wrapped the last of my Christmas gifts. Wednesday was a horrible day in many ways but yesterday evening I had one of the best workouts ever and the energy and endorphines from that made me tidy and vacuum the entire apartment today and also put up the Christmas tree (not to self for next year: get more colored and golden glass baubles as the tree is almost exclusively white and red right now) and change the curtains. This was a bit of a surprise, I had not expected that,┬ábut still, here I am, on the evening of December 23, knitting for me and all the rest is finished. I’m not drinking whiskey though, as I’m driving tomorrow, but I am feeling very smug about being done with it all. And I have a tree up!