The camera does indeed lie sometimes


While me and Candide continue to go to the gym together I thought we could look at something else for a change, something pretty. Earlier this fall I made socks for a friend who doesn’t knit herself but fell in love with the yarn. Business casual was the obvious pattern.


A while later I had another yarn ball from the same brand with me as a back-up, when a friend saw it and thought it was super pretty. She looked at it and then looked at the ball band where you can see what the yarn looks like when it’s knit up and she decided that it looked prettier as a ball than as a sock. Judging only by the picture on the ball band I can’t disagree with her.


But it just so happens that that particular color is something I have knit before and I know how delicious those socks turned out. That’s why I got another yarn ball in the same color when I had the opportunity. I made these green socks, also Business Casual, last fall as a Christmas gift and it took all the determination I had not to keep them for myself (that and the fact that they were way too big for me).


It’s all in the pattern, I guess, but I can’t understand why one would put a picture of a not very nice sock on the ball band. Luckily I know better and I will continue to make these beautiful socks, for me and for my friends. Speaking of, I might need another pair.


Pattern: Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Opal Sweet and Spicy by Zwerger Garn, color 6750 Eiswaffel.