I cheated! My plan was to finish my socks and then start on one of the crochet blankets. That gave me a week to finish the sock since the blanket yarn was supposed to be in the freezer till today. I finished the sock a little earlier than expected, on Wednesday, after re-knitting the toe on the first sock. On Thursday, yesterday, is when it happened. I was supposed to weave in ends on my socks but instead I decided to take out a ball of yarn one day early and start crocheting a square. There’s no harm in that, I thought. I’ll do the ends later. (Yeah, right.)

I did make a square and I liked it but it wasn’t big enough so I took a bigger hook and made another square. It did indeed turn out bigger (would have been weird if it didn’t). The left square isn’t even 8 cm but the right ones are 9 cm which is the gauge requirement. The pattern calls for 42 squares (only 40 to go!) but I want to make the blanket a bit bigger so I have a whole lot of squares to make.

Now, about those ends…