Chopping chips

After a break that stretched over a few weeks, I have finally baked again, despite it not being Friday. It was about 28 degrees Celsius but I still baked.

I also realized I really should use the huge knife when chopping chocolate chips, and not pre-break the bar while it’s still in the wrapping. I usually break the bar into smaller pieces before opening the wrapping and then go about it a bit haphazardly with a small knife. That works but it’s messy and I get chocolate that melts on my hands and I’m not a fan.

Instead I used the biggest knife today and went about it methodically – once diagonally one way and then the other way. It was quick and clean and it looks just like a piece of art with all those neatly lying chocolate chips. I could even see it transfer into a knitting pattern, color work on a yoke or something similar.