Easter knitting

This year’s Easter cake. A lovely chocolate cake. It’s been very warm today and we took Me Made on a bike ride which was very appreciated. Easter is always a time for knitting if you ask me. It’s a long weekend and at a time when you often have quite some time to knit. Christmas is far away and it’s most often still cold enough to want to knit and the break is not long enough that you have to feel bad if you spend the entire weekend indoors knitting. This Easter hasn’t brought as much knitting as earlier years but still a little more than usual these days. I’m training Me Made to feel a bit sated¬†about knitting, to make it less interesting, in the hopes of having yarn balls still intact and needles still stuck to their designated project in the future. So far we’re doing well although the occasional thread has caught Me Made’s eye. Very much like a cat in that way, Me Made is.