New beginnings

Today marks my blogiversary. Six years ago I wrote my first post. My father had recently passed and life was quite different compared to now. I’m married, I’ve moved, I’ve switched jobs, I’ve earned two more degrees and I’ve got to meet Me Made.

If there is one thing that shines clearer to me every year it’s the fact that you’re never “done”. You never know what life will bring you in the future, things you couldn’t have dreamed of even if you tried. You can never just sit back and think “I’m done, there are no more changes,” because there will be. Changes for better or for worse but changes nonetheless.

Today was a good change. I got to see the Swedish national team play against Germany and break the previous record for spectators – 25 882 spectators. It was a great game and especially the last ten minutes or so where quite thrilling. I got to see some of my favorite players and it was amazing. Sweden lost but that’s okay, I’m just glad to have been there. I’ll definitely try to see some more games in the future, I’m not done.