SABLE. n. Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

It’s time we talk about SABLE. I’ve been under the impression that I haven’t reached SABLE and that it’s still a long time before I do. I don’t have that much yarn and I’m sure I can finish it in a year (maybe two probably three) if you give me enough knitting time, meaning that you remove things like house chores and work and such. With all those things I probably need yet another year or so, maybe a little more. I honestly don’t have that much yarn.

Then things happened. My knitting time was reduced to the bare minimum, not to mention blocking time which is nonexistent. And then the politics are postponing the year of retirement. The first one I could tackle with my not so big stash but the latter. I’m worried. I have lovely stash and it would be sad if I didn’t get to use it. I have always trusted retirement to help me finish up any stray skeins laying around but now I don’t know. I also doubt the politicians will understand if I ask them not to postpone the year of retirement because that means I might have reached SABLE.

I need to tame the stash, otherwise I will reach SABLE before I know it. So, back to the needles, I have work to do.