They’re here now

It’s spring, it really is. I’ve seen flowers in the flower beds and the evenings smell like spring. It gets dark later and later and the birds are singing. I love spring evenings. I don’t know why but there is so much hope and wistfulness and dreams in the air. I’ve mentioned it before because I just love this time of the year. It’s a lovely time to be young but it’s also a lovely time to be older. In those moments it feels like I have all the answers, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, physically and mentally.

I’ve had some discussions about whether or not it’s spring yet and I don’t care what other people say. The signs are all here, the light, the touch, the smell and you just know that spring has truly arrived and there is no going ┬áback. I know what winter feels like and I know when it’s spring. It’s only just begun and there are so many more spring evenings ahead to be enjoyed. That’s quite a wonderful feeling.