I haven’t shown them the freezer though

Today a new friend looked at my stash. I must say that when most people see it, they admire it. They say it looks yummy and lovely and pretty. No one has told me, yet, that I might need to get a grip. That might indicate that I haven’t reached SABLE (stash accumulated beyond life expectancy) yet. Or that I only have very nice and polite friends. (Both is also a possibility.) Julle likes the stash and so far Me Made mostly leaves it alone, although he did show some particular interest in som bright yellow sock yarn the other day and some of the sock kits are very touchable but I think that’s mostly because they are in plastic bags that rustles.

My friend admired the stash. She brought a little Me Made of her own, someone She Made and he was just as uninterested as Me Made in the stash. My friend asked about yarn weight and I explained that it’s about meters per 100 grams and she asked if it was complicated. First I thought that no, not at all, but then I thought some more and realized that it is a bit complicated. Now, why is that? Well, because it’s not international standard in that meaning that all patterns all over the world uses it. There are plenty of patterns out there that advice you to use This Super Specific Yarn That Is¬†Long Gone And Discontinued ¬†without specifying how many meters per 100 grams. You can (and should) obviously check for gauge but when buying yarn and sorting yarn, meters per 100 grams is quicker. There are other advantages too but that’s the main one, I think. It’s easier to substitute yarn if you know that you should be looking at fingering weight section.

I would never have learned about the system without Ravelry and it makes it so much easier when you are knitting a pattern that is written by a designer from another country. I might not have access to a specific yarn but that doesn’t mattern, instead I know which weight and off into the stash I go. Also, this system is unlikely to change. When I talked about plied yarn before I mentioned that there is no way to tell what weigh a yarn has only from the number of plies. With the weight system that won’t be a problem. I doubt that there will be a way to make bulky yarn so light that you can squeeze in 400 meters to 100 grams. The weight system is comfort and support and to be honest, once you think about it, not tricky at all.