Tonight we are victorious

I don’t know when I last baked in my kitchen. It’s been many years, I know I used it in 2015 but after that I might have stopped because I know that in 2016 I didn’t anymore. There was some problem with the oven and I lost my mojo. I tried the oven out this summer but I didn’t bake something from scratch so that doesn’t count. But today it happened. It finally happened! I made cookies: I planned ahead, I bought the ingredients, I whipped up the dough and I baked the cookies. Me Made was with me the entire time, sleeping while I planned, patiently waiting in the stroller while I got the ingredients and sitting in a chair in the kitchen playing with various kitchen utensils and eating crackers while I made the dough and baked it. I burned the first sheet but the second and third worked out well.

I also got to finally use one of my lovely cookie jars, this one is really beautiful. I got it from my mother-in-law for Christmas a few years back and now I finally have some cookies to put in it. Yay, cookies!