No order

There is a novel by the Swedish author called There is no order on my papers and another one called There is still no order on my paper. I often feel like that. I never have time to sort out my papers and put them where I can find them. Right now it’s like that with my knitting too. There is no order! I don’t have enough room in my stash and even though I try to knit up what I can, I still accumulate more yarn than I knit. Since I don’t knit as much as I used to, I’m afraid I’ve reached SABLE a lot quicker than expected. I don’t have room for my left overs and I just want to take care of it all and sort it out but I don’t have the time. I have needles everywhere and there is no order there either and there is no order on my patterns and markers and safety pins and beads and tapestry needles and I just want a designated spot for everything (preferably easily accessible from the couch where I knit). I’ll try to figure something out concerning the notions and try to find something to take care of stray needles. I can’t really do anything abut the stash at the moment, it’s not a quick fix so to speak since knitting takes a while.

I really should prioritize the leftovers.