This is a little how Alexander Fleming must have felt

There’s just something about these socks! First I picked the wrong color combination, then I discover I knit the wrong size. I knit them four stitches too narrow and I briefly contemplated frogging them. Then I weighed my leftovers and tried the socks on and it turns out it all works out for the best. The socks fit me much better like this (note to self) and this change in size also meant that I have enough leftovers (52 grams and 27 grams) for another pair IN THE SAME SIZE! There will be socks and there will be socks that are big enough to fit me. This mistake isn’t that much of a mistake anymore but just happy coincidences. I won’t compare this to inventing penicillin but let’s just say that mistakes and being a little forgetful from time to time can result in excellent outcomes. I’m quite pleased.