Whoomp, there it is!

And here it is. My shawl. The huge one that I have had around since July, when I first started planning this design more seriously. Then I had it with me at various occasions during the summer, in September, in October, in November I was busy with other projects but in December I got back to it.

It actually turned out pretty much as I had hoped but a lot bigger. A lot a lot. It started as a wish to try out the pink lace yarn and then I had some grey yarn that I figured would go with it. I ran out of the grey yarn in the middle of the second to last lace section and thought I had to much pink yarn left to stop there. Luckily I had another gray ball and figured I could finish that lace section and make another garter section and then a last lace section and bind of in the pink yarn.

The plan almost worked. I had hoped to make 26 rows of the last lace section, as the other sections, but the yarn only lasted for 20 rows. I had also hoped to maybe make a little lace edge with the pink yarn but I only had enough yarn left to bind off.

Despite that I like how it turned out. As mentioned, it became a bigger than expected, and now I also understand why it felt like I would never finish it, it wasn’t that I don’t have as much knitting time as I’m use to but that the last rows where over 600 stitches long.

Now I just have to find an opportunity to wear it.

Pattern: Not (yet?) available since it’s my own. Yarn: Linie 97 Starwood Lace Color from ONline, color 102, and Rialto Lace from Debbie Bliss, color 44004 Grey.