The day before

The day before Christmas. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it’s when everything starts. I love the days before Christmas, there is just so much anticipation in the air, you know it’s coming and you have something to look forward to. This evening is probably the best, especially if everything is done and you can just sit down and relax and think about the wonders to come. This year I have lowered any standards ever thought of, we have advent decorations but that’s it. Me Made has started to move forward so it wouldn’t work out with a tree anyway and I think I’m fine with it. I’ll spend evenings with other people who has trees instead.

There are three things I have made sure to do though. I have baked gingerbread with my mum and saffron truffles, a tradition of mine. And I’m watching my favorite Christmas movie – The Miracle on 34th Street – the one from the 90’s. I love that movie, it’s just so lovely and Mara Wilson is adorable in every way. It’s a bit sad though but, as a Christmas movie should, it ends well. I don’t like watching Christmas movies after Christmas, I want the anticipation before, since most Christmas movies is set before Christmas and rarely after. That’s why tonight is my last chance.

Tomorrow it all begins and I look forward to it. It will be different form any other Christmas I’ve celebrated but it will be nice.