Ginger bread house

This is amazing. The castle made out of gingerbread. This is the kind of window display that I love most but it also makes me a little sad. It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and it looks like something straight out of The Nutcracker. But it also makes me think of stories like The Little Match Girl. This must have been the kind of window that she looked into and wished for warmth and something to eat. It looks so bright and warm and cosy and I can’t help but think of the ones who can’t have that.

There is another ginger bread house, or rather building. It’s the old library. It’s also beautiful and lovely. Now that I don’t really have the time nor energy, and I don’t really want to put the tree up now that Me Made puts everything in the mouth and is getting more and more movable for every day. Beautiful decorations isn’t really compatible with tiny children. We’ll just have to enjoy other trees and decorations this Christmas. And possibly the next one too.