Never Have I Ever…

I found this funny list by Dana Gervais (@danagervais) on Instagram. I got 5 points.

1. I knit my first pair of socks in early 2010. I’ve knit many more since then.

2. I knit the first sweater for myself in high school and the last sweater I knit was this spring. I’m sure there are more to come.

3. I have never steeked a project! 1 point.

4. I have knit with lace yarn. I’m currently knitting with lace yarn. I’m not fond.

5. I never use a cable needle, I find it easier without.

6. I have never accidentally felted a completed project. (Unless you count shrinking one.) 1 point.

7. I often ignore mistakes and continue knitting.

8. I don’t think I have bought yarn in the same color as I have in my stash but definitely the same kind. I have found yarn that I’ve thought I had never seen before and bought it only to come home and find I have that exact same brand in my stash.

9. Oh, so many.

10. I often put a needle in my hair and forget it. By now it’s usually the first place I look when I’m missing one.

11. I can’t promise it was through the back loop but I think it was. It was definitely 7 though.

12. I have never knit something for a pet. (Does a stuffed animal count?) 1 point.

13. Constantly. Although I do for sweaters and cardigans.

14. Again, constantly. I asked someone the other day if they were wearing a Hitchhiker. They weren’t. Or at least they didn’t know as they hadn’t knit that shawl for themselves. (Instead they started to explain to me how that shawl (who they hadn’t knit themselves) was made. Well, I kind of knew that, I identified the pattern in the first place.)

15. Yep. For example, I started this shawl 5 years ago. It’s still not finished.

16. I prefer charts.

17. Well, if I forget my knitting in the waiting room I don’t have a knitting anymore and we can’t have that. 1 point.

18. Of course! How else would on pass the time?

19. I have never knit with it but I have some in the freezer. I haven’t felt worthy yet. 1 point.

20. I have swatched with needles that size. I need up using 2.25 mm though.

Five points. Time to steek something, it seems.