What would Silvana do?

This evening I was at a so called “author conversation”, a panel with the author Johannes Anuyru and the artist Silvana Imam. I have mentioned before how much I love her music and earlier this year she released a book with lots of pictures and lyrics and her own thoughts on things. As usual when I meet someone who I admire I could barely keep it together and giggled a lot (I’m adorable that way), I’m not a cool person in the slightest, but it was fine, I wasn’t even embarassed (I was when I met Jack Halberstam in 2013 but then I also completely lost it, today I was much more composed). Silvana’s music has helped me on many levels, both personally and professionally. (I mean, who would not feel powerful while walking with Silana tunes in the earphones?) Lately I felt like I’ve lost my way a bit, professionally, like my way isn’t good enough. Tonight got me back on track again. What I do IS good, no matter what people might say. I’ll believe in myself and always keep Silvana in mind, then everything will be okay.