Never say never

Yesterday me and my family were at the biological museum. Me Made wasn’t very impressed but seven year old F was more interested. We got to see animals and birds and look at their different habitats but the coolest thing was that we got to color yarn with mushrooms. We could choose between purple, yellow and gray. I’ve probably talked about this before so there should be no surprise that I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to plant dying. I’ve seen what people have made and although it can be very nice it’s just not my color palet. I like vibrant colors and I’ve yet to see plant dyed yarn in vibrant colors. Also, I don’t like to get my hands dirty and I’m sure plant dying includes some messyness.

Therefore this visit was a great opportunity to see how it’s done without getting my hands dirty. We got some excellent help at the museum and at least I had the making of the yarn ball down (playing with yarn every single day needs to brush off somehow). Then we left for half an hour and when we got back, the mushrooms had done their job and the dying was done. I had chosen yellow, F chose purple and her mother also chose yellow. F had done her yarn ball in different types of yarn (no ball bands so I have no idea what types) and it was interesting to see how the color came out differently on different yarn. My own ball became a sort of ochre and that’ fine. I have no idea if I would ever wear anything in ochre but it was fun to see nontheless. Maybe I could make a hat and put the yarn ball on top. My first (and probably only) plant dying experience.