Straight from the cottage – October

In the end of the summer I decided to join a yarn club. Sure, I’m already in one, my MKAL yarn club that I’ve been a member of for several years by now, where I get a package four times a year with supplies to make a mystery knit along shawl. I like that yarn club. This one is different though. This is a monthly yarn club, where I get a skein of yarn once every month for the next six months. There is somethin different every month and there is no designated design going with it. It’s simply a skein of yarn. Or is it?

Today I got the first package and I love it. It’s perhaps not as fancy as my other yarn club, it’s a brown paper package, a skein of yarn, a card, a soap and a tea bag and still I find it charming. The yarn was in a purple-pinkish shade, the soap is lavender flavored and the tea is a realiable one. There is no strings attached (pun intended) and I can do whatever I want with the  yarn. (Sure, technically I can do whatever I want with the yarn from the other club as well but since there is a designated design I have a hard time going rogue.)

The best part of the package (besides the yarn itself), was a pretty card and a letter where the dyers explained the thoughts behind the colorway. I found that utterly sweet. It made it all very personal and it’s not something you get very often, a chance to really understand the colorway. The more and more I get to know this yarn company, Eden Cottage Yarns, the more charmed I get. They have a well thought idea, they follow it, the yarn have lovely colors, it’s nice to work with and they are situated in the UK so I don’t have to wait too long for my packages to arrive. Now I just  have to look forward to the day when I can actually cast on too.