When running out of yarn is a good thing

I’ve mentioned before the list of knitting goals I made for 2018 and today I got to unexpectedly tick off another goal on my list. I started to make this cardigan for Me Made (one thing on the list, a project for a baby) a while back, using stash yarn (another thing on the list, to use stash yarn (granted I get extra points for using light fingering, fingering or sport weight)) and today I finally finished the second sleeve. While finishing that, I also finished the yarn, which I didn’t expect. At first I was a bit worried, what was I going to do, I had a huge hem left to make. Then I thought that I could pick another ball of yarn, in a different color. I didn’t really like that idea since I only have purple and blue left of this yarn and both combinations would look a little too clownish in these shades, if you understand what I mean. Then I got it. I could use left over yarn! That’s another thing on my list, to use up some left overs. I went through the appropriate section of the left over part of the stash and found yarn of the same weight in a grayish sand color. It won’t be the perfect combo (this shade of pink is tricky) but it won’t look too much of a clown combination and the new yarn is soft so it will be nice against Me Made’s neck.

All in all I’m happy with the way things turned out: I got to use all the pink yarn, no left overs there, and I got to actually use some real left overs as well. Now, the only question is wether or not one single project is allowed to tick off multiple things on the list.