Please let me have this

Despite what you might have heard, or want to believe, Christmas is coming this year too. I’m not sure I like that statement myself this year (oh, okay, I do. I love Christmas) since I doubt I will have the time to make even a single little Christmas gift, but that doesn’t change the fact. Christmas is coming. I know looking at the gray sky and the rain doesn’t make you think of snowy fields and frosty trees but even if that doesn’t come, Christmas is.

Last year I started on two pairs of Christmas socks but I didn’t finish any of them until January, when it felt a little bit too late. But that’s just one side to it. I was either too late for last Christmas, or very much on time for this Christmas. Right now I feel much better about the latter so that’s what I’m sticking with. I was well on time with my socks for this Christmas. (And yes, they are mine!) I won’t have time to knit much (or anything) for Christmas this year but at least I’ll have my socks.

Pattern: Improvised. Yarn is: Raggi Multi from Järbo Garn. Color: 15141, a Christmas glitter print.