I’m not organized but at least I’m a knitter

I am not one of those people who plan ahead and put my winter clothes in marked boxes in the attic in April and switch them with summer clothes in October. I wish I was but I’m not. Perhaps if it  was easier, if circumstances were different, I’d do that. As it is, all winter coats and hats and mittens are in the hallway all year round. It’s not a good system, let me tell you, because once the cold weather comes I can never find mitts, mittens and so on. At least not two of each. The other day I found one yellow mitt and one purple. They just simply wouldn’t go together.

Then I remembered! I had a pair of unused mitts that I made a year ago for an acquaintance. Then I realized she wouldn’t want them and I’m not the one to knit for someone who is not going to appreciate it, so I kept them and figured I would just give them so someone else. I haven’t though which turned out to be lucky. Instead of looking through the entire appartment (and who has the time to do that before you leave the house?) I just picked these up and off I went, as warm as ever. It’s not really my color but the pattern is beautiful and the yarn is lovely and I will just keep wearing them till I either find two yellow or two purple mitts or I finish the blue version if these mitts that I started over a year ago but never finished – which ever comes first.

Most likely I will lose one of these mitts before any of that happens, but hopefully by then I have made myself (or someone) another pair. Either way is good.