Bring the bonnet back

It’s getting cooler and it’s time to start put on your hand knits. Last fall I made three hats, or rather helmets. They are the funniest shape but a quick knit and fairly fun to make.

Once you finish the knitting you have no idea how on earth that will transpire to a hat. When you sew the head seams you get a better understanding but the helmet still looks super weird until you put it on, then everything makes sense.

Hats have a tendency to drop off a baby’s head but these helmets stay put and they really cover the ears, something other hats might have trouble with. It’s tricky for a ht with a round brim to cover both ears while not covering the eyes.

This helmet has a brim in a zigzag pattern and therefore the ears are covered and they eyes are not. A very good feature in a hat.

Pattern: Hjälm from Nordiskas stickbeskrivning. Yarn: Mandarin Petit from Sandnes, color 4621, Drops Safran from Garnstudio, color 01, and Baby Cashmerino from Debbie Bliss, color 340018 Light Pistachio. No mods.