I can have nice things

I’m simply in love with this pale blue/pale gray color. I wish I could have a simple summer sweater in it and yes, I looked into that but there weren’t enough yarn for that left at the store. This yarn is discontinued, one of the worst words in the English language (at least when it comes to yarn) and leads to actions just as severe as the word limited followed by edition. So, no simple pale blue cotton summer sweater yet. Instead I picked it for my cotton cowl. The plan is to use that during summer as well so why not pick this yarn?

This is quite huge for me, I’m not always (never!) good at picking yarn I really like from my stash and use it for a project so I’m proud of myself for doing it. I hesitated for a minute but realized this project fulfilled every criteria I had for using the yarn. It was simply perfect.

1. I love the yarn and the color in particular.

2. I feel a bit bad for buying it and not using it and therefore need to knit it. It was at least ten baby sweaters worth of yarn and I’ve only made two so far.

3. I did not have enough in this color for a sweater for me.

4. The project is for me.

5. I need a cowl so why not make it a pretty one?

So I cast on and felt very daring. Now I just hope I finish soon so I can wear my lovely cotton cowl.