What a difference a stitch makes

I’ve taken my cardigan out for a spin. It works and fits fine and the buttons works surprisingly well, except that three would have been enough. I’m very proud of this cardigan and so happy that I managed to make it.

There is something quite fun with this pattern in that the instructions and the pictures do not correlate with each other. I have knit according to the instructions and lifted two stitches together as if to make a knit stitch. This made the pattern pictured above.

My mum, who has also knit this cardigan, did as the pattern picture showed and lifted only one stitch and the effect is very different. Two ways, both having the same result – two stitches decreased -, both equally pretty in their own way, but totally different when it comes to effect on the over all look. That’s pretty cool.

Pattern: Blomstertrøje by Lene Holme Samsøe. Yarn: Line from Sandnes Garn. Mods: I omitted the tulip pattern and also lenghtend the cardigan four centimeters. I also knit on the neckband instead of sewing.