Am I insane?

There are more yarn coming in and I love it. In a weak moment a few weeks ago I signed up for an MCAL, a mystery crochet-along, As I’ve said before, I’m not a crocheter (except the one I started last week) but the kits for this one were so delicious that I just couldn’t resist. And this kit was the best one. It sold out so I got another one and then this one became available again so I got it as well. That’s right, I got TWO kits for an MCAL. That’s insane! I’m not even sure I’m going to start this project but I have TWO kits for it.

If I do cast on I’ll use the other kit though, I think I’ll save this delicious for a little while.

A nice slow day

Summer truly is here. Today was lovely, not too warm but maybe a little on the windy side. We took a walk, Me Made and me, and met up with friends at the playground, and we both had a great time, one walking and chatting and the other one sleeping. That’s pretty much all we did today but it was enough. I hope we get more days like that this summer.

Summer basket is a knitter’s basket

One thing I’ve found is that I could never manage as a teacher without my basket. It’s where I put my pens, my papers, my computer, my books and booklets and everything else I might need, so I can carry it to my classroom. Before I got a basket I kept forgetting things and had to fiddle a lot with holding everything in one hand while trying to unlock the door with the other. Now with my basket, I just put it on the floor while I open the door and I still have everything I need and then some. It’s perfect! Not to mention it’s pretty!

Now though, during summer, my basket was just standing there and I wondered what to do with it. At the same time I realized that my little stash problem, and by that I mean that there is limited space in my stash while I keep buying new yarn and not knitting it in the same rate as I buy it, was still very much a problem. There were yarn but no space. Eventually I got it. I had a basket on summer vacation, a device meant to hold things, and things that needed to be held. Obviously my basket, being on summer vacation as it is, needed to do what I do while on vacation: play with yarn.

Although, it actually didn’t hold as many skeins as I had expected…


It’s summer out there but I’m spending most of my days indoors. I know it’s light and that everything is blooming and to dampen this case of fear of missing out I try to take pictures of everything summer-y whenever I get the chance, that and to smell the flowers, just to remember that it is summer and I’ve actually seen it.

I know it’s not that bad. There will be other weeks and other months and other summers, other roses and other light skies and other sunsets. It will be fine. I know that.

Something new

One of last weeks yarn purchases was this, five lovely skeins of yarn from Moods of Colors. I’ve never knit from that brand before so it’s exciting. It’s also exciting that the yarn company is Swedish which makes shipping both cheaper and better for the environment. I really like the colors and the package made my day when it arrived on Tuesday. I have absolutely no idea what to make with it though. I’m thinking shawls but don’t I always? Especially the two skeins to the right deserve a worthy project. Oh well, I’ll think of something eventually, I’m in no hurry, I have other projects in the meantime (and barely any knitting time) so I’ll be okay. But when that exceptional pattern comes along, I’ll be ready, I have yarn.

Desperate times

So… Knitting has proved to be a bit tricky lately. My hands are busy with other things and I’ve turned a bit desperate at times. First it was the yarn purchases, I couldn’t knit so I surfed online yarn stores and bought yarn. I got a lot of yarn and some of it has arrived which was very pleasing. But apparently that wasn’t enough. Idle hands are the devils tools and my hands are idle. Or, not so idle anymore. It was evident that it wouldn’t be possible to knit, I needed my hands and I needed space, hands and space that I didn’t have.

When you have too much spare time, that’s when the good ideas come. And the desperate ones. I’m not a crocheter. I can do it when a knitting pattern calls for it or when I, for some reason, need a flower or something. But now, I realized that knitting was impossible but crochet might work out. So I surfed for a pattern and looked at the stash and when I stole myself a moment yesterday, I quickly found a crochet hook and I started.

And let me tell you, it worked! I can crochet together with Me Made! Me Made sleeps and I crochet and we’re both very happy. I get to craft something and that’s pretty much all I need to be happy. It started well and I hope I will finish but so far it’s actually quite fun. Who knows, there might be a crocheter in me.

Ninja blocking

I finished this shawl a few weeks ago but I haven’t gotten around to block it until today. Little Me Made is keeping me busy and there is just no knitting time left. It’s a bit crazy actually. Today I ninja blocked my shawl because I had to do it at some point anyway and I really needed too see that some things do get finished. I came in like a ninja, blocked super quickly and then sneaked out like nothing had happened. Now the shawl is drying and I can check the box of another finished item. I needed that.

Unexpected progress

I’m getting a little tired of the black cotton cardigan. I think it should be done by now. And even though the knitting is making great progress given the circumstances, there is still blocking, sewing, weaving in ends and buttons left. This reminds me why I prefer raglan sleeves…

Yesterday I felt a bit discouraged and thought I would never make progress but I actually got quite a lot of knitting done today and now I feel better. The back is done and the left front too and today I cast on the right front and knit about half of it so now I feel much better about the whole thing. Then it’s time for sleeves, my nemesis, but luckily they are short. It’s still sleeves though.

But let’s not think about sleeves now, no, let’s rejoice in the fact that I’ve managed to finish half of the right front today. That’s really something.

Café knitting

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day and I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to do it but I did. I was at a café for lunch and I got to knit a bit while waiting for the food. I’m moving forward on my black cardigan. It’s slow but still a lot faster than I expected. The back is done and I’m half way through the first front.

The lunch I was waiting for, well, I’ve been waiting for it for quite some time. During the last year I haven’t been able to eat goat cheese but now, finally, I got to do it again. What a day, knit in public and goat cheese!


Today Me Made and me took a little field trip and visited grandma at work. Grandma was happy but Me Made was more interested in food and showed no interest in the words written on the board. That’s fine when you’re only four weeks old. Then we all went for coffee and a walk and had a very pleasant afternoon. The weather is a bit warmer again and wool is not an option. I wonder if we will ever have to wear wool again this summer. Maybe I have to knit a light short sleeved cotton cardigan for Me Made as well as for myself…