A little MMMay ’18 update

I have continued to try and do MMMay ’18 the days when I leave the house. It’s not as easy as one might think, the weather is very nice and wool is not really an option right now and I haven’t knit that much in cotton for myself. I should correct that for future MMMays.

The other day I did wear my Vitamin D though, despite the heath. I was a little cold one evening and put it on for a little while. The picture is from the winter of 2013, that’s why there is snow on the ground. Today I wore my Full Spectrum, a very nice shawl (that could really benefit from a re-block), probably one of the best I own and it goes with pretty much anything.

Now I have four days in front of me without a single plan besides feeding little Me Made and studying every moment when Me Made is sleeping. I doubt there will be much hand knit worn though, unfortunately. We’ll see.