An entire yarn ball!

I have actually managed to finish my MKAL. I need to block it but other than that it’s finished. I’m surprised, I was two clues behind and Little Me Made hasn’t really understood yet that knitting time is important. But we’re getting there.

What confuses and surprises me though is that I must really knit much, much tighter than the designer. I picked the medium size shawl and that pattern stated it needed three skeins of yarn, or 300 grams on needle size 3,5 mm. Since I know from experience I knit tighter than the designer, I went up two needles sizes to 4 mm and I thought that would be good.

Tonight I finished the eight and last clue and I have so much yarn left! I didn’t even start the third skein, meaning I used less than 200 grams despite changing needles. I probably should have gone with size 4,5 mm or something. Me and the designer must have such a different gauge. And sure, I should have swatched but I don’t really care if the shawl is smaller than expected, I’m just surprised I got so much yarn left. I have seen before what differences in tension can do but still. Also, I think I will mention this to everyone who claims that they knit “normally” or “evenly” so they don’t need to swatch. I knit quite normal and even too, in my opinion, but still a lot tigher than this designer, whom I’m certain thinks she knits normally and evenly too.

So, I got a lot of left overs, I wonder what do make… What a pleasant dilemma!