Perfect for an outing

Today we had a little outing and since the weather was warm a cotton cardigan was all that was needed. Little Me Made was very comfortable in this cardigan and slept through most of the outing and got to represent today’s MMMay18.

It all started with a hat. A non-knit hat that was given to me and I figured it needed a matching cardigan. I picked some yarn from the big bag of yarn popsicles I got earlier this year and decided on a striped pattern and started knitting. The pattern is one that’s been quite popular here lately, I’ve used it multiple times. It worked out very well together with the hat and¬†the outing was very successful.

Pattern: Beyond Puerperium by Kelly van Niekerk. Yarn: Eco Baby from Debbie Bliss, colors 14045, 14004 and 14042. No mods.