A little break is all it takes

I’m moving slowly but steadily forward on my latest MKAL. The “Me Made in May and here to stay” is keeping me busy but I manage to throw in some knitting here and there. I haven’t worn any more hand knits since I haven’t left the house today but last week I wore one of my new shawls. It was only briefly since it was a very hot day but briefly still counts.

This shawl was a bonus MKAL in my yarn club from 2016 where we got one clue on the first of every month. I started on this shawl and made it to clue #3, that would be March, before I gave up.

The reason was the yarn. It was club specific and in a nice pale blue color but I just couldn’t continue. The yarn split terribly! It split and I was just so annoyed with it I couldn’t bring myself to even start clue #4.

I gave up, put it away and thought I would never pick it up again. I turned my back to other projects using the same yarn and almost forgot about it all. Then, last summer, I had my Stash Dash 2017 and found the project bag with this shawl. I put it together with all my other UFO’s and didn’t think twice about it. After New Year’s though, I was in need of a project but wasn’t inspired enough to cast on something new. Instead I looked through my UFO’s and I found this project bag.

“How badly could it split?” I thought and started knitting. It was quite a challenge because the pattern was now updated and it didn’t contain clues anymore but I managed to figure out where I had left it almost two years previously. The splitting wasn’t as bad this time around and pretty soon I had finished the shawl. It was pretty, it had beads, it was an elegant color and it was a while since I made a true lace shawl. And now I have also worn it, for MMMay ’18. I will wear it again, soon.

Pattern: Tranquil Mist by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Exceptional Lace from Stunning String Studio, color Blissful. No mods.