I want it too!

Right here, right now it seems that everybody else, every knitter I meet or see on social media has nicer yarn than I do. I know this can’t be true, I know I have really lovely yarn in my stash, but for some reason it seems that everyone else has much nicer yarn, no matter what yarn they have.

I see a picture of someone posing with a skein here and someone else posting a picture of a finished object there and it’s all much nicer that what I have. Why is this? I’m looking at the stash and see deliciousness, I just don’t know what to make of it. I have to find an equally delicious pattern but that seems impossible.

Knitangle, that was a delicious pattern combined with a delicious yarn but when will that happen again? And just think of how long it took me to find the perfect yarn for that pattern. Insane!

I know I can make something lovely from this, but what? This and so much more in the stash. But it has to be worthy. It has to be a pattern that does the yarn justice and use up a fair share of it too, so I’m not stuck with to much leftovers. Tricky, so very tricky. Also, the circumstances need to be perfect as well, I have to have  enough time to really be able to engage with both pattern and yarn. It can’t be spare moments, that not what delicious knitting is for.

I guess I will just have to wait but I can at least pat the yarn every now and then to remind me of the fact that I too have nice yarn.