“Lila regn innan vår natt är slut”*

I’m continuing to work on my socks. I have abandoned the orange socks, well, they were finished after all, in favor of another sock-in-progress. This one is purple, a much welcoming color this time of the year.

Speaking of Purple, I found blooming lilacs today! That’s insane! Too early! The bird cherry hasn’t even started yet, lilacs before bird cherry, that’s just weird. A quick search on the blog though shows that this happened last year as well, and on the same day too. Last year it was only the one little flower though, this year it’s much more.

It seems I left all my socks-in-progress just before the toes because I’ve knit a purple toe today too. I always find it easier to knit socks in public when the first one is done. People always ask what I’m making and it’s hard to explain that it’s a sock before it’s finished. It’s much easier if I already have one finished that I can show. And since this toe is now finished, I can easily show the sock to people.

* Purple rain before our night is over – a line from the song Du fria by Håkan Hellström, Silvana Imam and Nisj.

Completely wrong

It’s been a beautiful May day, sunny and warm and lovely spring flowers. I’ve been wearing a pink and light green shawl and I’ve  enjoyed the sunshine. Once I got back home I got out my knitting. I wanted to finish the socks I’m working on before I cast on something new but I realized that orange is not the color for a lovely May day. It wasn’t fun at all and the little orange toe felt like a huge task. Now it’s finally finished and I don’t want to knit on these socks anymore. They are for another season, not this one. This is a pink season (which season isn’t?) and a happy season and it needs bright colors.

That’s my next plan, knit something bright!

71 % done

Although I was late to the game I am not completely caught up on my KAL. I’m quite impressed with myself actually. Every new clue has a lot of stitches but I am nevertheless caught up, the sixth clue is now out and I finished it this evening. Now I’ll spend the rest of the week before the next clue, knitting on something else. I have socks to finish and socks to begin and maybe, just maybe, I’ll find a new lovely project to work on.

I want it too!

Right here, right now it seems that everybody else, every knitter I meet or see on social media has nicer yarn than I do. I know this can’t be true, I know I have really lovely yarn in my stash, but for some reason it seems that everyone else has much nicer yarn, no matter what yarn they have.

I see a picture of someone posing with a skein here and someone else posting a picture of a finished object there and it’s all much nicer that what I have. Why is this? I’m looking at the stash and see deliciousness, I just don’t know what to make of it. I have to find an equally delicious pattern but that seems impossible.

Knitangle, that was a delicious pattern combined with a delicious yarn but when will that happen again? And just think of how long it took me to find the perfect yarn for that pattern. Insane!

I know I can make something lovely from this, but what? This and so much more in the stash. But it has to be worthy. It has to be a pattern that does the yarn justice and use up a fair share of it too, so I’m not stuck with to much leftovers. Tricky, so very tricky. Also, the circumstances need to be perfect as well, I have to have  enough time to really be able to engage with both pattern and yarn. It can’t be spare moments, that not what delicious knitting is for.

I guess I will just have to wait but I can at least pat the yarn every now and then to remind me of the fact that I too have nice yarn.