An adventure

This weekend we had lovely weather, it was snowy and cold and me and a few of my yarn friends set out for a field trip. We were going to a textile exhibition and happily climbed in the car and headed for the big city. Little did we know that we were heading for a huge adventure.

Right there on the freeway we got a flat tire and had to wait for assistance since none of us felt that changing the tire on the side of the freeway in the snow and cold was very safe. Instead we hid in the car till we could get towed and since we’re all knitters we all had something to do and we passed a fairly happy time right there.

By the time we were finally towed to safer places and had gotten a functioning car, it was too late in the afternoon to make it to the exhibition so instead we had a late lunch at a nearby castle.

There we continued to laugh and knit and recover from our adventure. Some food, chocolate, pastries, tea and coffee later and we headed home again, happy and full and all in all still very content with our day.

I must remember to come back to this castle in the future, the food was great and the surroundings beautiful!