Day 3 – The asymmetrical triangle

Day 3 in the #5shawls5days challenge is the asymmetrical triangle. I’m intrigued by this shape and I have some ideas for shawls shaped like this that I want to explore. I have knit a few of these, like Pirate’s Cove and Antarktis, and it’s not the asymmetrial part that intrigues me, not right now anyway, so much as the construction. Instead of casting off two sides at the same time, as with the triangular shawl, you knit from one corner and increase till you cast off one of the shorter sides. I like that and I have ideas on how to approach that. I also find this shape very flattering when wearing the shawl wrapped artistically around your neck. If any of the shapes in the challenge will lead to me designing anything soon, this will be it.