Day 4 – The square

Day 4 in the #5shawls5day challenge is the square. I have knit one square shawl, which, since it’s square, I consider to be a blanket. A square is hard to wear unless you fold it but I  have been thinking of how to make this shawl into a rectangle and that could be pretty cool. Also, this way of making blankets is very nice as well but it’s not a shawl. A shawl should be possible to wear over your shoulders or around your neck, not something that you would prefer to wrap your legs in while knitting on the couch. It’s tricky to wear an unfolded square around your neck. It’s a good shape, a cool shape, but it’s not a shawl.

Day 3 – The asymmetrical triangle

Day 3 in the #5shawls5days challenge is the asymmetrical triangle. I’m intrigued by this shape and I have some ideas for shawls shaped like this that I want to explore. I have knit a few of these, like Pirate’s Cove and Antarktis, and it’s not the asymmetrial part that intrigues me, not right now anyway, so much as the construction. Instead of casting off two sides at the same time, as with the triangular shawl, you knit from one corner and increase till you cast off one of the shorter sides. I like that and I have ideas on how to approach that. I also find this shape very flattering when wearing the shawl wrapped artistically around your neck. If any of the shapes in the challenge will lead to me designing anything soon, this will be it.

Day 2 – The Crescent Shape

Day 2 in the #5shawls5shapes is the crescent shape. I have knit a lot of crescent shaped shawls. A whole lot of crescent shaped shawls in my days. This one had a new way of increasing which I found fairly charming but it requires making yarn overs on the wrong side and I’m not a big fan of pattern instructions for the wrong side. Anyway, you can never go wrong with a crescent shaped shawl, that’s all I’m saying.

Back to basics

Years ago, when I taught dance classes, we used to talk about the importance to go back to basics every once in a while. To take a beginner’s class and really focus on the basic steps without all the embellishments. I found that it was sound advice, you can always learn something by going back to the basics. That’s why I decided to join the #5shawls5days challenge where you knit a small shawl sample every day in a different shape, just to figure out the construction. For day one it was the triangular shawl, where you increase four stitches on every right side row. It’s a cute little shawl, fit for a small doll. It wasn’t exactly new to me, this shape, and it’s probably the most common shape in a shawl (if you don’t count scarves) but as I said, it’s always good to go back to basics.