Sleeve issue

Sorry for the bad lighting but it’s that time of the year. Yesterday I finished my blue lace (I even wove in the ends!) and now it’s just a block away from being finished. This means I have picked up another UFO (left it in September 2016 so definitely a UFO but then again, with this project the important thing was to cast on, not to finish), a red cardigan. I might not cast off this time around either but I figure I can at least make some progress.

It turned out the sleeves were too small for me so I have continued increasing for the sleeves instead of just the body as the pattern says. I’m not sure it will be enough but once I separate the sleeves from the body I will try it on and see if it fits.

A top down raglan cardigan or sweater is always toughest just before parting the sleeves because that’s when you have the most stitches on the needle and I’m looking forward to lose the sleeve stitches. I will at least do that before I put the cardigan back in its project bag for another year or so.