Since my goal lately has been to finish some projects I have started to think about UFO’s and I have a question:

When does a work-in-progress (WIP) become an unfinished obejct (UFO)?

It happens quite often that a knitter pause on a project because there is another urgent project that needs attention, due to a tight deadline or just because the knitter found out that beige wasn’t a suitable color in March and needed a break to knit something lime green, but has the intenton to go back to the beige when the outdoors doesn’t mirror the same color. Does that mean that the project becomes a UFO during that break? Or does UFO only apply on projects that have no hope to ever be finished?  How long does the WIP have to wait before the truth is inevitable and it has become a UFO? Is a kit that you haven’t started yet a UFO? The yarn has an intended project but you haven’t finished that project, does that mean it is a UFO?

I’m quite aware that my ice blue lace had become a UFO, after all, I didn’t touch it for 21 months, but now since I’ve knit over 40 rows, it has definitely been upgraded to a WIP. But the sock in the picture, how about that? I have finished the first sock but have not started the second. In fact, I have put the entire project in the freezer since I never did that before starting it. But has it become a UFO yet?

Different times call for different knittings and it’s not unusual to keep multiple projects at the same time (my lace would not do for coffee breaks at work for example, but a sock is perfect) and they are all in progress, but when is the time limit for a WIP? How long does it have to stay untouched in the project bag before it becomes a UFO? That I would really like to know.