Parallel knitting

It seems like I have two parallel knitting lives right now. One where I want to finish off all my UFO’s, like the lace in the picture, and all my works-in-progress. One where I want to get closure on things. I have a sweater to put buttons on, another sweater with half a sleeve missing and another sweater that I started a year ago but only made a few rows. I have socks in progress and shawls and mitts. They need to be finished. They deserve it.

The other knitting live centers around future projects. I buy yarn, I make plans, I botanize among colors. It will be interesting how many of these plans will actually be a reality one day. I know that probably 80% of all knitting ideas never happen but what will happen to these plans? Will I make any of them?

If nothing else, it’s good to have knitting plans again. There was a long while when I just wasn’t inspired at all and couldn’t make any plans. (That’s when socks come in.) Now though, now my head is spinning with ideas and I like it. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll also see how many of my WIP’s I manage to finish in the end.