A pink cloud

This is a very long week, the last before some vacation. I have so much to do and to stay sane I go to the gym in the evenings. The only thing that reminds me that it’s actaully summer is the landscape I run past on my occasional runs. Today I found a pink bush which slowed me down and gave me a worse time but it was worth it, one have to stop to smell the flowers sometimes, even when out on a run.

Now it’s knitting time for the rest of the evening.

Sand castles

Even though I’m pleased with my mitts and the charming pattern, I’m still not sure about the beige thing. My concern was so big that today, me and Jenny decided that they are not beige, they are sand colored. I feel much better after that decision. It’s summer after all, nature is full of colors, then I can’t knit beige. Sand colored, that’s much better. Sand, the beach, swimming, all things something you do in the summer. My next project will be colorful though, very colorful. I need to come up with something good.

Date night

We are friends again, me and the knitting. We had a long talk last night and today we went on a date and that date just lasted and we both had a great time. The knitting is still beige but the pattern is charming and we’ve really enjoyed each other’s company. I find the knitting charming and the knitting finds me gentle and I think this relationship will last for at least another mitt.

A little flirt

After about five inches I finally ot the upper hand on the mitt. We have had a fight today, me and the mitt. We were both being childish, giving each other the silent treatment. Then I decided to put some effort in, flirt a bit, and the mitt answered by flirting back and we have spent the evening together. We’ll see each other again, just to see how things goes. I’m carefully optimistic. Still really behind on the deadline though but at least we’re on speaking terms again.

To know where to put the effort

It’s midsummer’s eve and even though it looked like it wouldn’t be much of a shebang over here we did it anyway. Low key but classy. Casual in some ways and high rolling in others.The Christmas curtains are still up but we have strawberries and chocolate so who cares about the curtains? Everyone is happy and relaxed and full and did I mention there are strawberries?

Happy midsummer knitting!

Still sceptic

I’m still not sure about the beige knitting but I’m continuing anyway. The pattern is pretty but slow since all the knit stitches are knit through the back loop and since I knit cables without a cable needle. It’s a little tricky but I will work it out eventually. I’ll give it a few more repeats before I decide on anything drastic.

There is something wrong here

I’m in trouble. I do not have my things together at all it seems. I was going to make a pair of mitts for a friend, because it seemed like a good idea, I thought she might need a pair. Then, when I was at the yarn store, I looked at the yarn and I couldn’t decide on a color. I had absolutely no idea what color my friend would like. I don’t know her favorite color, I don’t know what she usually wears, I have no clues to go by at all. So what did I do? I picked beige! Beige! BEIGE! How could this be? Beige! I picked beige because it seemed neutral enough but once I finally cast on it hit me. Beige! Am I out of my mind? What made me pick beige? I doubt my friend will like my mitts now that they are beige but I still don’t know what color to pick instead. I guess I could just continue with my mitts but… I don’t know! There is certainly something wrong with my knitting right now. I guess it will all take a while to sort out.

Beige though. Beige!?

A night in June

Nu går solen knappast ner,
bländar bara av sitt sken.
Skymningsbård blir gryningstimme
varken tidig eller sen.

Insjön håller kvällens ljus
glidande på vattenspegeln
eller vacklande på vågor
som långt innan de ha mörknat
spegla morgonsolens lågor.

Juni natt blir aldrig av,
liknar mest en daggig dag.
Slöjlikt lyfter sig dess skymning
och bärs bort på ljusa hav.

/Harry Martinsson 1953

A night in June and you never want to go to bed. When life is at its high point and the living is easy. Wistful and beautiful and the knowledge of transiency. To live here and now and not then or soon. The present and the light and to remember the good things. There are a lot of good things.

Baby steps

I’m making progress. Not necessarily progress in my knitting projects but progress in my knitting nontheless. I have not yet felt the urge nor the energy to cast on something big, no shawls, no sweaters in sight, but I have gotten some plans for smaller projects like cuffs and mitts. I have plans and I have searched for patterns. I have yarn plans, they are not big nor elaborate but they are there.

The plans have not sprung out of need, nor out of finding a certain pattern or a certain yarn that I want to play with, no, I wanted to give knitted gifts and in order to do so, I need to knit them too. I figure that’s as good a start as anything, it doesn’t matter how I get back into my knitting as long as I do it. Small projects seem to be the answer and if an urge to knit gifts makes me knit, then that’s good.

These gifts are for people I have never knit for before and even though I think a handknit gift is the height of love I know that not all people see it that way. I just hope that these friends will like it because if they don’t, I’m afraid I might not want to continue with my knitting. Luckily Agnieszka wants a pair of wrist warmers and she always likes her knitted goods so I should be fine.

So, let’s worry about what the recipents will think later and for now just concentrate on the knitting at hand. Good plan!

The Public Knitter

Today is Knit in Public Day and I’ve actually managed to get a great deal of knitting done in public today. First I got a lot done during a lecture.

Then I hastily cast on a vanilla sock because I was going to the movies. It was a long movie and when it was done, this little cuff had turned into…

…this. Quite a lot, I must say. Since the yarn is self stripping I didn’t know what I was knitting so that was a surprise when the lights turned on again. Unfortunately I dropped a stitch in the beginning so I have to rip it back but I was well occupied during the movie and I sure knit in public. Too bad no one could see me in the dark though…