Memories of April

As I’ve mentioned before, spring evenings make me wistful. There is something about the smell and… I don’t know, hope? There is something so hopeful about spring evenings. This year has been incredibly cold so I haven’t yet found the true feeling, where you can stand in a street corner, talking way past what is reasonable, in your coat that was just enough in the sun earlier in the day but is now way to cold and you finally get home and you need hide under all your blankets to be able to sleep and it takes over a week before you are truly warm again. But it was worth every second of it because you have someone you can spend way too many hours talking to on a street corner when it’s really past your bed time.

Or maybe it’s just me…

The purple finally came and it’s perfect. The sock is a spring evening sock, showing every aspect of the spring evenings, the cold, the smell, the hope, the dusk, the humidity, the light from a street lamp and your new spring shoes. It’s all embedded in these socks. That’s not bad for a random sock, just like that. But that’s the thing about the spring evening, you don’t even notice it until you are in the middle of it and it hits you before you have a sliver of a chance to defend yourself. But I’m not so sure you want to.

As a side note, Håkan is from Göteborg where they say Valborg so we have to forgive him (especially since the song is wonderful), I would never call it that since, as we all know, the best April 30 is celebrated in Uppsala, where it’s called sista april, last of April. It’s a shibboleth, what you call April 30  will tell me if you’re originally from Uppsala or not.