Knitting Doctor

Today a friend called me as a Knitting Doctor at the Knitting ER. She, obviously, had a problem with her knitting and asked me for help. The Knitting Doctor’s verdict was relentless and absolute, without remedy: frog it! Change the needles, pick another yarn and start over. Then the Knitting Doctor pulled the plug, in this case the needles, and the yarn went back into its ball again. It just wasn’t right. It’s pretty yarn but I think it’s only pretending to be worsted to fit in with its buddy while really being bulky. That won’t do. They can obviously still be friends but one should never pretend to be something one just isn’t in order to impress or befriend someone and in this case a bulky yarn just wouldn’t do. I know the knitter feels betrayed and I’m sure the worsted weight yarn does too. The bulky yarn will probably become a hat instead and my friend got an excuse to buy more yarn and also got some tips on how to avoid this picot hem problem in the future. Luckily she wasn’t far into her knitting and she already knew she didn’t like it so I don’t think it was with that much sadness she saw the knitting unravel. I wish her the best of luck with her project and I’m happy to help should there be more problems coming along in the future.