All of a sudden it happened. I blocked something for the first time in months. About a week ago I found out that someone I really like is going to quit her job which means I won’t see her again and I realized with the clarity that only a knitter can feel that I need to knit her something. I decided on a pair of wristwarmers (pattern in French so it might be considered studying) and now they are finally blocked. Ends need to be vowen in and then I’m ready to give them away. It’s the first knitting I’ve finished in forever and it’s a bit exciting. I’ve accepted that I will take care of blocking things in June and not a day earlier but this bit of information, that she will quit her job, turned the tables a bit and I made an exception. Next block might be during Easter or it might not be until June and I’m fine with that. As long as I can knit everything will be just fine.