A whole book with just sock patterns

Today I was having coffee with a group of people and one was knitting socks (it wasn’t me, or, I was also knitting socks but there was another person doing it as well) and followed a pattern from a book. Someone else commented that it was strange having an entire book full of just sock patterns. I guess that’s how it must look like to people who don’t obsess over commit themselves to knitting. I mean, how many different types of socks could there really be? Well, if I only look to myself I have at least three books dedicated only to sock patterns which is not a lot but I do have a lot of single sock patterns as well, stored in my Ravelry library.

There are lace socks, socks with color work and cabled socks. There are plain vanilla ones and plain ones with a little twist. There are socks from heavy yarn and socks knit in lighter yarn. There are different heels, and toe-up and cuff-down socks, short socks and long socks and stockings. All socks have their different little quirk and even though I could churn out a decent sock without a pattern, it’s only because I’ve knit a lot of socks before so I know the basics. I also know I don’t like lace patterns on my feet but a cabled one is just adorable. I know what sock yarn I love the most and what doesn’t work at all and I know all this because I’ve knit a lot of different socks.

Since I started logging my knitting at Ravelry in 2010 I’ve made 38 pairs of socks (now, remember, I’m not usually an avid sock knitter but I’ve still managed to knit 38 pairs in less than seven years (compare it to the 80 shawls and cowls I’ve knit during the same period)) and I have three other pairs on the needles. I’m not really the one to search for sock patterns, I’ve knit plenty of vanilla socks and plenty of business casual socks and I’m happy with that but I’ve still managed to try out about 14 different patterns (not to mention the ones I didn’t finish) over the years which is an entire book all in itself. It adds up quickly. I guess that’s the magic about knitting, it happens. It happens, even if it doesn’t feel like it when you’ve knit on the same freaking sleeve for a million hours and it still only measures 18 cm. I totally understand that someone not as in tune with the knitting world as I am can be confused over the prospect of a sock pattern book but I’m surprised there aren’t more sock pattern books. There is so much knitting going on everywhere, socks are flying off the needles and it’s obvious – knitting happens. And we need the pattern books to help us throw all that magic into the world.

Now, where are my 2,5 mm double-pointed needles?