Inner knitter crisis – A little therapy is of need

My sock realization seems to have been an accurate one. Socks work and I’m sticking with it. Yesterday I forgot my knitting and I actually went back home to get it. It was the right decision, I couldn’t handle yesterday without a knitting. Yesterday I also told some non-knitters about this and they laughed at me. I don’t mind that, I know I can be a little crazy when it comes to knitting but I also know what works for me and that’s what I need to focus on. This led to more discussions about knitting: the yarn, the fiber, the needles, the projects, colors and blocking. It was nice to talk about it, they didn’t seem to judge me, and I know I have strong opinions about all those things (when it comes to me, others can do whatever rocks their boat, just don’t give me a moth eaten acrylic sweater on straight 2,5 mm needles that you want me to “fix” (yes, that has happened)) which usually seem to make non-knitters laugh a lot (I guess a strong and expressed preference for wooden circular needles in pretty colors with an interchangeable cable might be considered a little weird if you haven’t knit a stitch since needlework in middle school). The world of knitting is bigger than can be perceived at a first glance, that’s all I’m saying.

After the discussion, which made me realize how much I miss knitting, I felt a little wistful and little bit like a fraud. May I even have these strong opinions right now? I barely knit. So far this year I’ve knit a shawl, a baby sweater and three pairs of socks and of all of those, only the socks have had the ends vowen in and only two pairs of socks have been blocked. In my life and from my perspective, this isn’t a lot (I know, this might be huge for someone else and that’s fine, we have to see it from our own, different, perspectives and not compare ourselves to others). Last year I knit twice as much during the month of March than I’ve made so far in 2017 (granted March was a particularly good year last year). I know this is how it is and must be this spring but it still feels weird, a little bit like I’m losing a part of my identity.

The solution is obviously to knit more but since I don’t have that time I will continue to knit on my socks. I’m a sock knitter till June and that’s fine. I’m still a knitter and I’m allowed to call myself a knitter and I won’t let anyone tell me differently (not that I can imagine that anyone would but, you know). Socks are amazing and just knitting one is a wonder in itself (literally, I am amazed very time a turn a heel and it works, I wonder about the first person who did it, how did s/he figure it out?) and I could always do with some more socks. Dealing with all the other things – weaving in ends, blocking, pictures, sorting out the stash and the needle collection, find my notions bag and so on – will be a question for June.

Socks we go!