The answer is socks – who would have thought?

I’ve been gone forever and I’m so sorry about that. But I’ve had some busy days. I had a huge exam on Friday and almost no time to study and next week I’m supposed to hand in half of my BA thesis for a review so I’m also busy with that. The exam went okay, I think, so I’m glad to have that behind me.

I’ve also managed to realize what works for me knitwise this semester: socks! Who would have thought, it being spring and all. I’ve tried shawls and garments but it’s no good. I don’t have time nor energy to follow a chart or count, I don’t have time to block (which is really silly since some things go by really quickly) and I carry so many books all the time (yes, I feel a lot like Hermione) that a big project bag is out of the question. The answer, it turns out, is socks. They are small enough to fit in my purse together with the books and they go by quickly enough to make me feel like I’m making progress. They don’t require much thinking, the rounds are short, I don’t have to count much, self-striping yarn is interesting and so is the Business casual pattern, and I can easily fix mistakes since I know the pattern. I can bring them everywhere, to the movies, to the bar, to the gym, to work, to class, without worrying about not being able to knit should I get a chance. The only thing I need to pay attention to is wether I’m about to finish or not. So, from now on and till June, socks are my go-to project!