It has come to my knowledge that not only is there a sock yarn sale at my local yarn store but they have also gotten new colors in Malabrigo sock and Rios. You understand what this means, right? I obviously need to go to the yarn store. I discussed this with Jenny earlier today. I mean, I do have some yarn already and more, I don’t have time to knit. But as Jenny pointed out, I don’t have any yarn there, there being work since that’s where we were. That’s true, all the yarn I had there were three black yarn balls and sure, they might look like the starry sky but they are still black.

Also, I deserve a treat for all the things I’ve been doing lately, proof reading a thesis, teaching a friend how to drive, helping people and all the while studying full time. Yes, I deserve some nice yarn. Now I only need to find time to go get it.