For good

It looks like Agnieszka has a type when it comes to lace knitting. She likes heavy yarn and simple lace with a rustic look. She even have a preference when it comes to decreases and even more so, I know about it from previous projects. Today wee are celebrating 16 years of friendship – that’s half my life – and I like that I am the knitting “providah”. I know all the important things that one should know after 16 years together and after about ten years of being that knitting provider.

I have cast on my black sparkly project and am now knitting rustic lace in heavy yarn, a very suitable activity for a 16th anniversary. She might be the only person for whom I would ever knit in black and she was kind enough to pick heavy yarn and sparkly features, she takes care of me and I take care of her. Because I know her, I’m changed for good and it actually looks like this project might not take until May after all.